Elan Construction Ltd.


It was an endeavour born of pure entrepreneurial spirit. David C. Poulsen had gotten his start in the construction business as a draftsman for an engineering firm in Montreal. Then, as an assistant to the project manager for engineering procurement and construction contractors, he had moved his family for two to three years at a time to far-flung towns in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Quebec, helping build, among other things, large pulp and paper plants. Keen to settle down, David moved his family to Calgary and took a job with a pre-engineered building contractor. And that's when he seized upon the notion of establishing his own pre-engineered building company.

In July 1978, he financed the launch of his personal venture with a deposit from his first client, an acquaintance. Before he had a chance to catch his breath, another potential client came knocking. When David told him he was still completing his first contract, the new client said he'd wait for him. In short order, David's one-man act began its evolution towards what Elan Construction Limited has become: a highly successful and widely respected firm specializing in low-rise warehousing and retail construction