Elan Construction Ltd.

I take great personal pride in being an integral part of an honourable business and a company that continues to be very strong financially. At the same time, our 80 employees and their families rely on the leadership of this company to sustain their livelihood. Trevor and I take that responsibility very seriously."

Todd Poulsen, C.E.T., G.S.C. President

As the son of our company’s founder, Todd has been living and breathing Elan since he was a boy.

He’s a veteran of the construction industry in his own right, having started as a labourer in 1980. Eager to help the family business, Todd studied Civil Engineering Technology at SAIT, and joined Elan full time in 1990.

Ten years later, he became an Elan shareholder and now runs the day-to-day operations with Trevor Poulsen.

Today, you’ll more likely see Todd holding a pen than a hammer, making key decisions that steer the company forward. Though he knows the future of the company depends on those decisions, Todd is confident in his vision and seizes every opportunity to make Elan better.

He takes pride in every project, he embraces the challenge of elevating his family’s legacy.