Elan Construction Ltd.

I think a good way to describe it is that we are very nimble. We are able to handle very tough jobs by responding quickly to the needs of our clients. We excel at schedule and cost management by advocating for our customers. When they ask for changes, we negotiate a reasonable timeline and cost increase with the trades."

Trevor R. Poulsen, P.Eng., B.Comm., G.S.C. Vice President

As the company’s Vice-President and son of its founder, Trevor has Elan in his veins.

He’s been working for Elan since he was a teenager, spending time in almost every role imaginable: labourer, office cleaner, secretary, accounting, payroll, project coordinator, project manager, estimator, the list goes on.

Today, with his extensive knowledge of the company and degrees in both business and engineering, Trevor is perfectly positioned to carry Elan into the future.

After 30+ years in the family business, it’s no surprise Trevor shares the same work ethic, “Git’er done” attitude, and values that served as the company’s foundation. His commitment to honesty, accuracy and quality are matched only by his dedication to his clients and employees.

Trevor is also keenly aware of the responsibility of his position, and treats every project with equal care and attention.